From burglary monitoring, to fire and smoke alarm systems, medical alert monitoring, access control systems, home theaters, personnel tracking to mass notification systems we offer the best solutions to help manage and protect your home and business.

What We Do

Access Control

Monitor and control who comes and goes from your home or property with access control systems. Automatic gates and door control systems are just some of the access control options.

Security Systems

Security systems allow you to monitor your home or property remotely, help prevent break-ins and bring you peace of mind. Know what's happening and when with IR motion sensors, glass break sensors and access point contacts.

Micro Data Centers

Protect your assets. Keep your data protected from cyber and physical threats and minimize downtime.

Fire Protection Systems

A properly designed, installed, operated, and maintained fire alarm system can reduce the losses associated with an unwanted fire in any building.

Audio/Video Systems

Realize your dream home theater system with surround sound, Bluetooth control, and wall mounted tv's.

Camera Systems

See what you need to see from your phone or record it for viewing later with camera systems. DVR and NVR systems and IP/IR cameras will get the job done.

Network Cabling

We can run your network cables through your home or property. Need a Cat6 run from one side of the house to the other? We got you covered.

Smart Home Systems

Take control of your home through smart home systems. Set schedule and remotely control your thermostat from your phone. Close your drapes and dim the lighting for movie night. It's time to start living smart.

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