About Tactyne Systems International

Over 50 Years Experience in the Low-Voltage Wiring Business

Our Commitment

Tactyne Systems' services are the most established and trusted in the industry. For years, we've made protecting and connecting the centerpiece of what we do.

We consider this commitment a responsibility that goes into all of our services and systems, but also goes beyond that to placing a high value on sustainability as well.

As you will see, we provide unparalleled experience, expertise and values. These qualities are a staple in our company. Our leadership are committed to upholding these values and ethics in everything we do.

Over 50 Years Experience in the Low-Voltage Wiring business

All low-voltage wiring solutions are engineered for each customer by engineering professionals

Engineering Professional (INCOSE CSEP)

TSI is UL Listed

TSI is AESBL Licensed and Certified